Lessons Learnt From Christ Like Media

01 Feb

Be after Connecting but Not After Attention.

The online platforms has been able to establish the groups of online users. First group is the group that loves to connect and the group loves to show off. When looking to share your message over the online platforms first be ready to face this kind of groups.

When sharing your message over this two kind of groups, you will undergo through challenges of people accepting your message a factor that should not put you down but motivate you.

Avoid Being Too Transparent

When you decide to share your message, at times it is advised that you keep your circle small and the less the number of listeners you have at your possession the better. The social media is an open market where it opens up an individual's life to the outside world which is not good if you want people to listen to what you are saying.

Application of What You Say in Real Life

The social media is flooded by people who love typing and in most cases you will find out that from the high number of motivational speakers advising others, when it comes to real life presentation, then cannot be able to say what they did over the social media. If you are this kind of person who does not have that course in real life, it is better you do not say it over social media as well. See more about Christ Like Media or read more info about Christianity.

Do as You Say

In the social media, there are number of advisors or motivation speakers that do speak to other or what they should do to live a Christian way. One disadvantage of having so many speakers is many of them will tend to speak out what they need to say for all that is worth it since that is what they do.

The real challenge now comes on living what you really say. As a speaker who wants to have influence over a large crowd in what you say, it is advised that you should be able to show to the world what you are preaching to them as well. Words are better lived than said.

Be Good Listeners

Whenever you post something over the social media, mot many people will tend to agree with what you have just said and this will lead to comments brought up. Don't be quick in replying to the comments but rather be good in listening and try and adjust from the comments. Read more on christian life at: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/26/christian-media-audience_n_6754896.html.

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